The attached recording involves the description of Prince Hall Masons by Leo Lyon Zagami, Grandmaster of the Monte Carlo Lodge (P-2), and outline of collaboration in the USA  to cleanup the Aleister Crowley / Albert Pike / Society of Jesus - Luciferian pinnacle and purpose of mainstream York and Scottish Rite Freemasonry that is undermining our furture as a free and independent nation previosuly setup by Freemansons by the decree of the Decalration of independence from Eurpoean Monarchy and Papact control where in we declare we are gratefuly to Almighty God for Freedoms granted not to the monarchy flesh and blood serving Luceferian abominations . 
If this commentary on Prince Hall Freemasonry can be attached to my Home page it would better explain for the Bed Stuy community what I am endeavoring to do here in the NY 8th SD.
Thanks - Chris

Strunk, and Zagami clip