Campaign against genocide in the NY18th SD and a serious look at secession

I have a mission to get elected in the existing outrageously gerrymandered 18th NY Senate District here in Brooklyn. My 18th SD runs from the Brooklyn Docks between the Army Terminal and Red Hook into Bed. Stuy, where I did housing development with a HUD grant (there crossing swords with the Democratic Party for the first time.)
 What is striking here in my district, which has about 311k or so total population, is that the BOE maintains a fiction of 180k active voters which is loaded with fictitious numbers and is more likely to have 150k active voters with say 120k Dems 6k Reps and 24k others. Last time Senator Montgomery only got 42k votes against her opponent who got less than 3k.
 The Catholic Church has endorsed her along with the gay rights movement and socialists.
 That the population in my 18th SD is primarily composed of black Americans supposedly protected under the Voting Rights Act but aren’t given the nature of gerrymandering done. Some of the worse vote fraud happens in Brooklyn through identity theft fraud that has been proven by the local DA to no avail still goes on.
 Anyway I am mindful of what Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned of in the demise of the Black Community for years, He contended backed by statistics that the community had a majority intact family structure about equal with Caucasians in the fifties continuing into the early sixties without the scourge of welfare; however, with Cardinal Spellman’s War came the implementation of welfare by Spellman’s President Johnson. Welfare and the so-called great society has split up the nuclear family both black and white but in the black community to such a degree that now results in less than 30% intact families 70% out of wedlock births, and because welfare enables young girls to be independent without a husband, such insanity has caused a rampant promiscuity wherein 60% of women of child bearing age have STDs.
 A genocidal disaster is going on here in this community and elsewhere. I contend and have publicly litigated the issue alleging that the black community here has been targeted with genocide by the Vatican Holy See and its’ business component with the Sovereignty Military Order of Malta (SMOM), that conspire with Saudi investors enriched by OPEC gouging, want to gobble up the valuable real estate on which the Black Community here reside.
 I am therefore proclaiming that there is a violation of the Proxmire Act of 1988 with acts of genocide using abortion to target the black community for extinction in a similar way as the SMOM and the Bush and Clinton family have targeted community living arrangements there in Texas, recently alleging, as if a CIA cointelpro operation, that somehow children in a pseudo Mormon Klan have been molested; which this week has been found by a court to be untrue.
 The Texas officials there as well as the New York City and State Officials here causing injury in my 18th SD must be held accountable for acts of genocide here and wherever abortion as a government program is used to destroy a targeted population. Believe me when I say it is the Catholic Church I mean it, and that my opponents are complicit in the planned on going destruction of the Black community.
 If elected in November. I will stop this genocide and bring the criminals to trial and enact legislation in the state legislature to protect state citizens from US Government malice and profiteering for the select group of corporate business concerns associated with the Vatican. I am adamantly opposed to the OPEC strangulation of this community and of Americans in general; especially those at the lower end of the economic latter struggling with oppressive oil prices promoted by the Bush and Clinton administrations in service of their master OPEC.
 I am in favor of a State law mandating a flex-fuel kit installation benefit for any NYS registered auto with a rebate and for any car or truck sold must have a flex fuel capability as is now done in Brazil and Minnesota. That every local community may for the cost of a small shopping center produce its own methanol from refuse, garbage, leaves, wood chips, peat and coal and where available ethanol from grains and high sugar vegetation so as to allow competition with OPEC and the outrageous oil prices to make them an equivalent price. Because as you may know Saudi Arabia gets each barrel out of the ground for only 50 cents and is now selling it for $130 per barrel. Why doesn't your representative talk about this if they don't get money from the oil lobby and from the corporate interests related to the Saudis? The short answer is because this country is being transformed before your eyes into the North American Union (NAU) under the New world order that everyone talks about and has been noticed as a matter on each of your one dollar bills at the pyramid.
 The NWO as with the Federal Reserve and the majority of the Supreme Court is under the control of the Vatican and Holy See (because it is the oldest and most continuous worldwide organization still left standing) and that the NWO is fine tuned by the Jesuit Military order, who absolutely directly control the Vatican See’s corporate business arm SMOM and all the dog an pony show spin-offs that sort of look different aren’t.  The Jesuits very seductively use liberation theology insurgency operations that in the context of change use the it takes a village communist model of feudalism as a small is beautiful ploy want every community to be cut-off from the world and be on its own without mention of how to form a common defense and foreign policy projected to make such resolve clear. Europe in the Dark Ages is the model of the NAU and NWO.
 Everyone has been fed a line on the US Constitution; other than debt collection, common defense, a post office and maybe protection of inventions as long as they are used is the model created; the US Constitution replaces the disaster of the Articles of Confederation to stay an internal civil war. Wherein every state and fiefdom used might makes right initiatives and in the interim after 1776 failed to repay the $3 million loans to conduct the revolution; and as such we were about to be foreclosed upon by the lenders in France  Spain and elsewhere.
 An acquaintance who has given me insight into the masons (which are also controlled by the Jesuits) is Joe Darlak who was the one who found the Titanic by using Atlantic charts produced by the US Navy in the 1800’s. When he found it he registered it with the US Government that then using its own agent to steal Joe’s find, and later as well Joe found gold ships using the same method also was stolen by a big time mason judge for the Government crooks.
 The Government is the enemy of invention and crushes the people in favor of the friends of the Pope and Vatican see. If you are not disturbed by a Marine having to carry the Vatican Flag I am, If you are not disturbed to see the President ,the speaker of the House and various Justices and public figures kiss the ring of a Nazi you should rethink you’re value system.
 The Federation setup to repay the war debt was for a very limited purpose. That purpose has gone way beyond the grant of power in the Constitution includes much of the commerce, social and treaty grabs, as with the disastrous Social Security law that handed the welfare of children and the health of the family over to the Vatican and its foot solders in the Communist movement.
 The North American Union put forth by the Vatican uses the failed EU model , nevertheless directs its army of globalists to implement the anarchist model without mention of state or nation;
 The importance of the Union as devised in 1787 still remains and must not be abandoned to the control of the Vatican.
 I am for embracing the existing State Constitution here in New York as a means for providing common defense and foreign policy even if it means going back to the basis of the articles of confederation if the Federal arrangement continues in the present heading which is absolutely unacceptable along with abuse of the post office model. My sovereignty resides here in New York not with the USA. I am a representative of God given sovereignty rights by Almighty God only according to the NY State Constitution – that is good enough for me to stay.
 Each state such as New York or even Mass under state social contract as now written has sufficient internal resources to provide a common nuclear or high tech defense if necessary in conjunction with an adjoining state such as New York.
 The silly proposal by the Vatican secessionists pre-supposes that all global interest will disappear because a local community decides to secede which is ridiculous in its face. When an individual excels and discovers things on his or her own – who will protect them if we don’t have an economy of size to exert force to protect the interest of the sole individual? Why do the agents of the of the government thief from the people without being locked up? The government is the enemy of the people as now configured.
 How big does a government entity have to be for a defense perimeter? How big is big enough or powerful enough in order to deter aggression? There is an optimal size and as such how small does an entity get until like Israel becomes an armed garrison state because of the surrounding hostile forces. State secession makes sense within a context of an adequate defense perimeter.
 The scholarly piece on Polycentrism versus Monocentrism that I have been using for a long time is attached for discussion. It is clear to me that Lincoln respected the right of a State to secede as long as the Union Federal interest was not undermined in the process.
 The only acts that need to be done is by a super majority vote of the people of a state say 66% to withdraw from the Union, and in the process all federal Congressional members would be withdrawn from Washington or Denver which seems to be on the horizon; and that ALL tax transfer would cease along with selective reworking of foreign policy treaty arrangements with other states.
 In my way of thinking there is no left or right corporatist or communist. Everything constructed fits within an analysis model of top down dictatorship with limited speech versus bottom-up local control with limited representative governance. Every invention of Hegelian conflict is contrived and controlled by the Jesuit Military Order since 1541 to reverse the reformation especially here; and let’s face it ALL Protestants are merely unhappy Catholics in the final analysis.
 I am a Deist by necessity; all my rights are given to me personally by Almighty God, and that by necessity is so that a potentate or tyrant by some flesh and blood as a mere mortal or contrived fiction or government may not take my rights.
  The Jesuits as with T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia who personally kicked the Turks out of Arabia) are armies of one that suffer one fatal flaw in the name and practice of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Those men segment knowledge and create the keeper of such knowledge as a guru that becomes the principle which focuses adoration upon each Jesuit as if each were a church unto himself, and thus such Jesuit becomes a self driven narcissist as seen with Fr. Jim Jones S.J. in 1978, that from his counterinsurgency experience in California to turn out the vote for the Democrats was rewarded with his Guyana property, and who in that process in the end destroys the keeper of the knowledge and those who blindly follow. Jesuits and the Vatican must yield by the flank exposed by Vatican I and Vatican II are subject to the wisdom posed by a Platonist vision of knowledge. A true Achilles heal for the Jesuits as the Military arm of the Vatican with 18.5k worldwide troops and another 180k support command and control.
 In part that is why I am going after containing the homosexual movement as the deviation and narcissistic illness that as a political movement of choice is in fact centered by Jesuits.
 I have a different approach but effective in a broad popular sense.
 Be aware that the CIA and alphabet soup are running domestic operations through the rent a spy arrangement as previous done with the ADL but yet  by a lot more prominent means but unmentioned such as with Armor Holdings and Defense Systems Limited  with DOD training at the School of Americas by Jesuits, to destroy local resistance to protect the broader $12 Trillion gold and commodity market centered under Project Hammer and Black Eagle banking operations that spun off of Japanese and German looting for 16 years in Asia and Europe, see the following:
 Check out deepblacklies:
 As for local initiatives and legislation by the people that is definitely where the rubber meets the road and the fuel gets into the tank separate from the handful of moguls who control our lives through manipulation of food fuel and commodities from a far distance. We must provide all that locally by creative innovation become energy independent and self sufficient without government largess.
 I certainly propose going transparent with the 100,000 tons of gold tactically controlled by agents of the US Government alphabet agencies and the SMOM for the Holy See. Right now there is only 10,000 tons of transparent market gold visible and the 90,000 tons is used to destroy countries and commit genocide with impunity. A global  floating gold standard would be nice to stabilize things and get moving with what must be done including reigning in OPEC and its set men like the Bush family Dole and the other so-called good Catholics serving royalty.
My Designating petitioning starts on June 3. I look forward to get your support and speak with you during that 5 week period. 
 Chris Strunk