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  February 20, 2008
                                                                                    BY REGULAR MAIL
The Honorable Lawrence E. Kahn     .                      
United States District Judge of the
U.S. District Court Northern District of New York
James T. Foley U.S. Courthouse
445 Broadway, Room 424
Albany, NY 12207

                                    Re: Loeber v. Spargo NDNY 04-cv-1193
                                    Subject:  I Oppose the NYS AAG Motion for extension of time to Answer           
The Honorable Lawrence E. Kahn District Judge,  
            I am a dedicated pro se Plaintiff without being an attorney, and although I am a member of The Ad Hoc New York State Citizens For Constitutional Legislative Districting my address is and has been as referenced above must be reflected in the Docket record accordingly. I hereby only speak for myself in the matter of urgent need to move this instant action ahead for creation of a three judge panel for redistricting forward during this crucial 2008 election year without any further delay as proposed by NY Assistant Attorney General Aaron M. Baldwin in his letter motion to Chambers on February 20, 2008. I oppose the request on the grounds first that the service of all Senators and Assembly 212 services has been duly accomplished individually at great expense and according to Mr. Van Allen who hired someone to do such task in the Capitol each individual proof of service affidavit was duly filed with the clerk of the court; however, is not reflected in the current docket, but nevertheless is in the record of the case accordingly.
I want to point out that both Misers. Silver and Bruno had been served back in 2004 with the Original Complaint with no answer, and again in 2005 with the amended complaint with no answer, and now before this Court neither have answered nor responded according under the Federal rules have defaulted; and rather than We going through the process of obtaining a Clerk’s certificate of default and filing thereafter, we allowed the court to digest this matter at its own pace, especially since my related case Forjone v California NDNY 06-cv-1002 has been transferred by Judge Arcara from WDNY 06-cv-0080 for which we are duly grateful to a point. 
       Since 2004 I have joined the Republican Party with the apparent blessing from Senator Bruno’s office when I was told on a Friday afternoon October 12, 2007 to make a testimony to the State’s Security Committee  due on Monday in the matter of illegal alien driver’s licensing in which I oppose, a copy herewith attached. With the Senator’s assistance, I have been endeavoring to salvage the two party system and would consider any delay in the process herein to be a Democratic Party tactic that will only serve my opponent here in the 18th Senate District and the eight (8) wrongly overlapping Assembly Districts which comprise it, a copy of my February 18 2008 letter to my fellow Republicans in the 18th District is herewith with the under- standing that I have already begun to expend money to build support and need to appraise my district for any changes that will occur in the highly gerrymandered NYC sub-division Brooklyn a NYS BOE map of the Senate Districts for NYC is attached accordingly showing my 18th SD.
 I urge that this redistricting matter surge ahead in an expeditious manner and that Misters Silver and Bruno who have lost the right to object in time to answer are in default, were in fact the two who appointed the senate and assembly members to the Demographics – Reapportionment Committee in the first place, are both personally aware along with the Rockefeller Institute especially Roman Hedges, that the proceedings and bad redistricting outcome in April 2002 accompanies facts in part testified to in the three Judge panel in Rodriguez v Pataki (Berman, Koehtl and Walker) matter with the Honorable Richard Dollinger leaving the Senate in protest.
I have appeared before your Honor in the past and seek to appear again as rapidly as possible to move this proceeding forward for the benefit of all involved under a three Judge panel which must sort out the details and hear testimony on the individual injuries district by district. I have been using the above e-mail address for years and continue to and because we are not allowed to use ECF filing which we would like to do we nevertheless seek that everyone use E-mail notification with the exception of my fellow Republican Roy Pierre Detiege-Cormier who has been under the weather lately and requires postal notification.
Dated: February 20, 2008                                                       /s/
            Brooklyn New York                           _______________________________
                                                                        CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK
Cc:   Clerk of the NDNY  
        Defendants Counsels

for Election to the 18th State Senate District in 2008
593 Vanderbilt Avenue - #281
Brooklyn New York 11238

February 18, 2008
Brooklyn, New York 11217
                        Re: My mission is to build a bottom-up / home-rule competitive party system,
                               and responsive State Legislature by my 18th Senate District Candidacy
Dear Ms. xxxxx, my Fellow Republican in ED/AD 069/52 ,
I made the attached testimony to the Senate’s State Security Committee on October 15, 2007 that gives a brief personal background with a sense of my mission to run for the Republican Party nomination and candidate for the 18th Senate District to unseat incumbent Senator Montgomery – who I contend has no mission, is merely using the Senate as a job and promotes a top-down nanny state solution to everything including the limp opposition to the Congestion Pricing fraud which I oppose – (government employees must take public transportation and park outside of the alleged crowded area and that an incentive to private delivery of trucking goods must include free entry and exit after 9PM in the evening until 6AM each morning during the week would solve congestion). In comparison to Senator Montgomery my mission in the 2008 election is a matter of State’s statewide security, social and economic interests, I pledge to build Republican - Democrat Party competition as a check upon substantive due process and equal protection for every citizen opposed to arbitrary autocratic whim. That arbitrary whim for too long oppresses our daily lives with layers of duties imposed without government reciprocity to protect our rights and freedoms. That we here in Brooklyn live under oppressive circumstances in which NYC government and State neglect circumvents fundamental bottom-up  / home-rule law that must be done in the sunshine by citizens locally as a State Constitution mandate that is now ignored.. 
I have invested my talents and efforts in Brooklyn since 1977, and for too long seen Brooklyn real property and labor exploitation excess, as if we were living on a plantation for Manhattan / New York City’s elites who dictate an egregious top-down corporate structure by backroom deals for special interest that circumvent the guarantee of a republican form of government with home-rule authority here. I contend in Federal court that the actual population home-rule size proportionally to the rest of the State subdivisions by State Constitution in fact shows NYC exceeds the population size allowed as an ongoing injury that wrongly thwarts every citizen’s sovereign right to bottom-up governance over the future of our posterity in all policy matters.
I contend the State Legislature must provide for Brooklyn home-rule, despite my action in Albany Federal Court since 2004 before the Honorable Lawrence E. Kahn for a three judge panel on redistricting there, by my candidacy I desire debate on the Senate floor as I will do when elected instead of courtroom floor. My candidacy contends that there is injury to Brooklyn communities that starts with the numerous local community boards that must have duly elected representation in each local board, and that such elected Brooklyn-wide Local community board as a legislative body must provide governance to facilitate a new policy direction in the 21st Century with reinvigorated home-rule that will include a Borough President empowered as it was before the Wagner Administration consolidation in the 1960s..
Brooklyn needs to develop new industries for 21st century needs both under a different state tax structure separate from burdens placed upon us by a criminally profligate Federal government whose corruption by interference and lack of enforcement saps life blood and capital formation.
WE must not transport expensive electric from Buffalo; Brooklyn needs to develop offshore tidal power electric generation outside the port that drastically lowers energy costs for powering a new offshore cargo handling and barge /vessel production facility here, so that when up and down the east coast we would link Buffalo and upstate New York by way of the Hudson River and Erie Canal that once again would bring efficient Great Lakes transportation regionally right down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. That renewing local and international commerce will provide an increased family based living wage standard statewide that with our new 21st century rapid transit reconnect the Empire State worthy of the slogan where no one is left behind as now.
My mission needs your assistance for ballot access in the 2008 Election process, and your help for success over the next four years in the State Senate, in which my mission will prepare for the 2010 Federal Census redistricting after reapportionment and an age of artificial shortage and market manipulation and obscene rush to creation of the North American Union under the shadow Security Prosperity Partnership to further eliminate the State – Federal constitution that does not recognize regional governance nor the proposed dismantlement of the USA unspoken of. To the contrary of top-down governance I desire to resurrect the State Constitution social contract in redistricting, overhaul the 17th Century real property tax system for statewide equity (I believe all land without capital improvement including that held by non-profits and churches must be taxed equal with land owned by private citizens).
That unlike Senator Montgomery who wants to just hand out condoms, teach safe sex in prison and let every felon out with a non-judgmental return of suffrage, I will sponsor legislation and litigation for a home-rule funded judicial system with bottom-up accountability that must combine local financing for all law enforcement and imprisonment that results. I contend the State and every local government must be held accountable to individual rights balanced against the all too numerous imposed duties, so that the home rule provision of governance under State Constitution letter law that mandates bottom-up  home-rule equity is done by bi-partisan competition between two major state parties now missing in NYC and by corruption statewide, in that we desperately need candidate election choice and true debate for policy equity under State Legislative rules to maintain each state subdivision’s viability for citizens and residents equity within and between such entities. 
            My philosophy for campaigning is that anyone seeking public office who would spend more that $10,000 for public office in a district with say 100,000 eligible voters must be absent public financial support other than government promotion in the non-print media of campaign coverage with equal time for all candidate positions on the issues, thereby to promote reading in the print media if a candidate desires to write position papers and publish with their own funds with no limit to spending.

            Please feel free to contact me through my website , which is no holds barred and if you would like to serve on my campaign committee or provide me with an opportunity to speak to your community group let me know; and if you are interested in sending me some stamps so that I may continue to send mailers to potential party members and supporters don’t hesitate to send some stamps at the above address.
                                      Best regards to you,
Attachment:  10-15-07 State Senate Testimony