Brooklyn Republican Party
Chair: Hon. Craig Eaton
Address: 26 Court Street, Suite 2305, Brooklyn, NY 11242
Phone: 718-852-9454
Fax: 718-858-5144
Being a new  Republican Party member  separate and apart from the Harriman / Rockefeller wing of Global Internationalism, notwithstanding any changes Nelson Rockefeller may have made before he died, I contend I am a Lincoln not a Ford, and  as such I am more than qualified to join the County Committee and seek to influence miserable condition  of State Constitutional governance as a republican Senate Candidate from the 18th SD including Bed Stuy and Prospect Heights running against Senator Montgomery in the November Election.
I bring a unique experience and broad message that will build help a New Republican Party structure here in Brooklyn, with a return to Brooklyn Home-rule and by reaching out to the majority African American community where I have been since my investments starting in 1985.
I want to return membership of the African American community to the traditional Lincoln Republican Party, which in New York questionably has been continuously missing except for Seward and others specifically long before I was a twinkle in my Father's eye.
I would like to serve as a 58th AD Committee member as it has none; and that I seek your support and desire a meeting in that regard at your earliest convenience.
I am no wallflower and have been very active statewide since 1985 in an eclectic way. I have a website generously provided by a fellow Republican in Yonkers, whose skilled efforts  would be an excellent resource for building an Internet presence here in Brooklyn and elsewhere.
I have developed a following recently with my research and legal work accomplished since 1999 and have been interviewed  on national radio twice within the last few months as may be heard as follows:
October 2007 Investigative Journal LRN mp3 Archive
Greg Szymanski ... Guest Christopher Strunk who talks about Jesuit intrigue and their land grab ... CFRO Radio FM (MP3: October 10, ... - 32k - Cached
December 14, 2007 Investigative Journal LRN mp3 Archive - Guest Chris ...
Greg Szymanski. Check out the Hidden History Series on the Vatican and Jesuit Order. ... Greg interviews Chris Strunk, candidate for Senate in the New York ... - 23k - Cached

I am availble for a meeting at your earliest convenience.
Best regards
Chris Strunk